Select Max-Stop mode, and then create an Max-Stop Sequence in the same project. The Max-Stop sequence is a second sequence in the project, just like the Main sequence, with a few important differences:

  1. The Max-Stop sequence must end with zero velocity
  2. The gearbox Torque vs Speed chart only displays the Max-Stop output torque
  3. System Check runs all the same checks, except:
    1. Checks that the required gearbox output torque <= Max-Stop output torque
    2. Gearbox shock factor is not applied
    3. Gearbox duty cycle (ED) is ignored
    4. Gearbox nominal output torque is ignored

Start with the Normal Sequence, and then quickly define a Max-Stop ramp for the active or all axes in the Power Group

In Max-Stop mode in the Sequence chart, select the chart crosshairs and position at the time the Max-Stop will ramp start. Then right-click and select Start Max-Stop here.

Then specify the start time and ramp duration and whether the ramp applies to all axes or just the active axis. Click OK and you get the ramp for the X & Z axes as shown.

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