Shared Bus - Single Supply, Multiple Bleeder, Floating Bus

Consider a typical 3-axis gantry robot application in a shared bus configuration with the following:

  • X Axis
Inverter module
  • Y Axis
Line rectifier power module with an uncontrolled bus
Inverter module
Internal bleeder module
Supplies the bus power for all axes
  • Z Axis
Inverter module
  • External bleeder module

  • System supply power

The total power the servo system draws or regenerates to the supply connection
   > 0 is supply
   < 0 is regenerative

  • Bus supply power

The supply power to the bus from the infeed section of a drive
   > 0 is supply
   < 0 is regenerative

  • Bleeder power

The bleeder power distributed to each enabled bleeder on the bus

When there is more than one bleeder, the user has the option to specify if the total bleeder power is:

  1. Divided equally among all bleeders
  2. Divided proportionally to each bleeder’s continuous power rating (as shown above, where the external bleeder module’s continuous rating is much greater than the Y Axis internal bleeder’s continuous rating)
  • Bus stored energy

The stored bus energy at any point in time in the cycle

  • Bleeder energy

The total energy dissipated by all bleeders in the system.  Shown to illustrate the amount of energy dissipated relative to the total energy capacity of the bus.

  • Inverter power

The inverter power to and from the motor
   > 0 is motoring
   < 0 is generating