Master-Follower mode allows users to define the motion sequence of each Follower axis with respect to its Master axis position. Once defined, users can change the Cycle Time of the Power Group by simply changing the speed of the Master axis.

The Master-Follower "coupling" is very different to classical "Time" sequences where each axis is defined by its own time-based move sequence. In Master-Follower mode, only the Master axis has a time reference by its speed value. The Follower axis moves are related to the Master, so the sequence is to be defined dependent on the Master position. Hence Master-Follower calculation and classical Time calculation exclude each other. By definition, all positions, Master and Follower, are at the load side of the mechanism.

The Master axis is always the first slot in its Power Group. The Master Axis is a Virtual Rotary axis, which means there are no mechanics, just a Sequence.

'Master-Follower' is available in the PRO version.
Master Sequence
Switching from "Time" to "Master-Follower" and Vice Versa
Follower Sequence
Follower Master Start Position

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