Optimizer powered by SiMoLib    

The Optimizer optimizes motion profiles for minimum duration, velocity, accel and jerk, as well as motor torque, force, and drive peak power and continuous power (energy efficiency). The only fixed parameters are duration and distance. When optimizing for duration, then only distance is fixed. Duration and distance are defined in the Sequence.

The Optimizer is especially useful for complex dynamic loads and mechanisms such as the Slider Crank.

Launch the Optimizer from the Sequence form. The 'Optimizer Lite' is limited to optimize just the motion profile parameters velocity, accel and jerk. The 'Optimizer PRO' is an option when enabled, in addition to the motion profile parameters, allows users to optimize for minimum duration, motor torque / force, and drive peak and continuous power (energy efficiency).

The 'Optimizer PRO' is an option that is only available with the SERVOsoft PRO version, which includes the CAM Profiles feature, essential to take full advantage of the Optimizer.
How does the Optimizer work?
Working with the Optimizer
Moves, Segments and Groups
Run the Optimizer

The Optimizer was developed working in close partnership with SIMON Modellierungen (www.simon-modellierungen.de), combining its powerful optimization library, SiMoLib, with SERVOsoft, the industry leading servo system sizing CAE tool.

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