Motor Torque vs Speed     

Motor Curves, Data Panel & Segment Selection

When the Motor and Inverter Performance form opens, initially just the motor curves are shown in a 1 Quadrant view.


Motor rated peak torque characteristic curve

Motor rated continuous torque characteristic curve

Application RMS Torque

Application Profiles

  • Each motion segment is displayed
  • Segments where the start and end velocities are the same are shown as a dot

Show/Hide/Highlight Segments in the chart

  • When checked, the corresponding profiles are shown in the chart
  • When selected, the corresponding profiles are highlighted in the chart
  • Moves are grouped by their 4 Segments - Acceleration, Constant Velocity, Deceleration and Dwell
  • Select 1 or more Segments, then right-click for the option to Show or Hide the selected Segments

Motor Rated Peak Torque Curve Bus Voltage

  • Display only. Not settable by the user.
  • The curve is automatically chosen by the program based on the power group nominal bus voltage
  • Click the drop down to see what other voltage curves are possible
  • "FW" is shown when the motor rated peak field weakening (FW) curve
  • If FW is applied to the motor, the "FW" text is highlighed in pink, same as the pink shaded FW zone in the chart

Motor Rated RMS Force Curve

  • Each rated force curve is defined with a temperature rise [K] wrt ambient temperature
  • Specify the temperature rise curve

Motor Load Factor

  • Effective load factor including ambient and elevation de-rating factors
  • Some vendors have additional factors that are also included. For the details of additional factors, hover the mouse over for the tooltip which provides additional details as needed

Specify the number of Motors in parallel


PWM Frequency

  • Specify the inverter PWM frequency
  • The higher the frequency usually results in lower rated peak and cont currents

Inverter Motor Control Mode

  • There are three options: 'Auto', 'No FW' & 'FW', where FW = Field Weakening
    • Auto:
      • 'Auto' is the recommended selection
      • If the motor data has both 'No FW' and 'FW' curves, then the program chooses the motor 'FW' curve
      • Else it choses the motor curve that is available for the selected motor
    • No FW: The user forces the use of the 'No FW' curve
    • FW: The user forces the use of the 'FW' curve

Drive Load Factor

  • Effective load factor including ambient and elevation de-rating factors

Specify the number of Drives in parallel


Drive Curves, Field Weakening Zone
Curves with Load Factor (LF)
2 Quadrants

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