Optimize Master-Follower

The Master-Follower feature opens SERVOsoft up to a whole new realm of Optimization - a Complete Power Group. Ie. SERVOsoft optimizes an entire multi-axis machine/robot.

In general, when optimizing the Master, the most common scenario uses the optimization target 'XBase: Time' on a Constant Velocity Master. Effectively, this means the Optimizer works to reduce the Power Group's Cycle Time by increasing the Master Constant Velocity, while meeting all constraints. However, if the Master has a Variable Velocity Sequence, this takes optimization to a much higher level.

The 'Optimizer PRO' is an option that is only available with the SERVOsoft PRO version, which includes the CAM Profiles feature, essential to take full advantage of the Optimizer.
Master: Constant Velocity Sequence
Master: Variable Velocity Sequence

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