Thrust / Force / Torque Proportional to Speed

'Thrust / Force / Torque Proportional to Speed' formula is a subset of the Load Formula feature.

Create a thrust / force / torque formula proportional to speed. The table below lists the variables, arithmetic and functions that can be used to create a thrust load formula.

Formula Textbox

Right-click in the formula textbox, and a drop down menu appears listing the profile variables, constants, arithmetic, comparisons and math functions.

Units for the formula result

Units for the variables used in the formula








Thrust = 100*VEL


Thrust = (500/3)*(VEL/MAXVEL)


Profile Variables Units
VEL Velocity Linear: m, mm, in
Rotary: °, rad, rev
MAXVEL Max Velocity in Segment/Move
Always a positive value
Ie. MAXVEL = Max(Abs(VEL)) in the Segment/Move
Linear: m/s, mm/s, in/s
Rotary: °/s, rad/s, rev/s
MAXVELCYC Max Velocity in Cycle/Sequence
Always a positive value
Ie. MAXVELCYC = Max(Abs(VEL)) in the Cycle/Sequence
Linear: m/s, mm/s, in/s
Rotary: °/s, rad/s, rev/s
PI Pi (3.14159265358979...)
* Multiplication
/ Division
\ Integer division
Math Functions
Abs Absolute
Eg. Abs(-1)=1
Sgn Sign of a number
x>0: Sgn(x)=1, x=0: Sgn(x)=0, x<0: Sgn(x)=-1


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