ControlEng Corporation, founded in 2003, develops powerful software products for engineers and scientists. Located 30 minutes north of Toronto, Canada, ControlEng's primary focus is SERVOsoft® and XY Chart. These core products are complemented by consulting services in motion control design and training. With customers in every corner of the world, ControlEng's reach is truly global.

Our flagship product, SERVOsoft®, is the most comprehensive servo system sizing and selection tool in the world. Released in October 2004, SERVOsoft® quickly gained market acceptance in the motion control industry, and now is the benchmark by which all other sizing tools are measured. We have worked very hard to develop and maintain a neutral and unbiased position, and this puts us in a very unique position in the industry. This allows us to work with all vendors, distributors as well as OEMs, integrators and motion control engineers around the world, since they know that our objective is to help them make better designs. Period.

A branded version of SERVOsoft® is also offered, which gives vendors and their customers the best all round sizing software, while allowing vendors to forgo the significant costs of developing their own sizing tool. A SERVOsoft® branded version helps vendors market their products and build their brand, while providing a powerful sizing tool that enables their engineers and customers to size complete servo systems.

XY Chart is a powerful charting component which is being used around the world in a wide array of applications, from HVAC control systems, to astronomers' labs charting the stars in the sky. We have used XY Chart extensively in SERVOsoft as well as in many custom applications. XY Chart has been tested and put through the rigors of thousands of users and developers.


What does "Linking Technology, Ideas & People" mean?

Linking Technology
SERVOsoft® sizes complete servo systems, not just a single axis motor and inverter, but all components of a multi-axis servo system. Therefore, SERVOsoft® works with all the products involved in a servo system, from electrical components such as drives, infeed, bleeder and capacitor modules, to mechanical components such as rotary and linear motors, gear motors, gearboxes, couplings, rack & pinions, ball screws, linear actuators, etc. And all done without built-in assumptions and rules of thumb that simplify things only in certain scenarios, but can lead to big mistakes in many real world scenarios. No other sizing tool takes on the challenge of detailed accurate calculations and provides such a high level of detail and analysis for sizing all drive system components. Therefore, SERVOsoft® truly links all these products together. And if you look at the products in the SERVOsoft database, it contains vendors that are industry leaders and innovators. And SERVOsoft® is the tool that brings them all together.

Linking Ideas
SERVOsoft® looks at the design of a complete system, from the mains supply through the drive bus system, and the drive train of each axis. Therefore, SERVOsoft® starts with a more complete picture of the entire system than any other sizing tool in the industry. Then armed with the details of the entire system, SERVOsoft® displays so much of the design visually, in tables and in charts, with percentages and utilization bars, so all can see. Even complex issues are more easily understood by not just the design engineers, but also their managers. And for manufacturers and distributors of drive systems, SERVOsoft® also helps communicate design issues to their customers and vice versa. This allows for better problem solving, and fosters understanding, knowledge transfer and creativity across an organization and its customers. All with the complete system design in mind.

Linking People
One big change SERVOsoft® brings to an organization is it helps mechanical, electrical and controls engineers work together and better understand each other's design challenges. In essence, SERVOsoft® helps transform an organization from a "silo" design approach to a "mechatronics" systems design approach. By using SERVOsoft®, mechanical engineers easily "see" the challenges of the electrical engineers, and vice versa. And from this, a dialog evolves to figure out the best solution to a problem, to meet the needs of the mechanical and electrical requirements. In terms of who we link together in a broader sense, it is best said in What Makes SERVOsoft Different?.