ControlEng software is trusted by many small, medium and large businesses around the world.
Below is a sample of our list of customers.

Education and Research
Production and Manufacturing
Internet and Technology
  • 360 Surveillance (BC, Canada)
  • Aircraft Performance Group (CO, USA)
  • ATS International B.V. (Netherlands)
  • C.S. MATRIX IT SRL (Italy)
  • Cape Software (TX, USA)
  • DB Soft SL (Spain)
  • Fairchild Semiconductor (ME, USA)
  • Gelecek (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • High Tech Enterprises (MI, USA)
  • Hewlett Packard (USA)
  • Infopipe Information Services (CO, USA)
  • Ip-label S.A.S (France)
  • LeoTel Software Systems Ltd. (UK)
  • N-link (Spain)
  • Nethix SRL (Italy)
  • Novotek A/S (Denmark)
  • MicroCal (CA, USA)
  • Microtechnologies (CT, USA)
  • Mutschler IT-Solutions (Germany)
  • Reservoir Laboratories AS (Norway)
  • Select Softwares (I) Pvt (India)
  • Signatrol Data Logging Solutions (UK)
  • SOS Developers (France)
  • Source Code Systems LLC (WI, USA)
  • Sysmedia (Italy)
  • Triple Eight Race Engineering Ltd (UK)
  • Western Digital Corporation (CA, USA)
Resource and Utilities
  • Aquafin N.V. (Belgium)
  • Colonial Pipeline Company (GA, USA)
  • Juwi Service & Technik GmbH (Germany)
  • Silvertech Systems (TX, USA)
  • RWE npower (UK)
  • Aero Sekur (Italy)
  • Cimo SA (Switzerland)
  • Cymer (CA, USA)
  • General Electric
  • Geonav Marine Systems (TX, USA)
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hydramotion (UK)
  • Marini Fayat Group (Italy)
  • Mio Vigneto Products (CA, USA)
  • TINE (Norway)