XY Chart ActiveX

XY Chart ActiveX provides developers with a powerful

easy-to-use chart component that integrates seamlessly into your applications. XY Chart ActiveX is ideally suited for technical applications as well as general application development, and is being used all over the world in a broad range of applications including scientific lab measurements, financial data, motion control, process monitoring, industrial automation, education and research, etc.

Automatic Built-in Functions

Automatic built-in functions such as zoom, scrollbars and pan, crosshairs and coordinates display, and legend with profile values, all of which require no coding and allow users to analyze charts with ease and precision.

Designed for Challenging Technical Applications

Create detailed charts with up to 10 X scales, 10 Y scales and 10 Y stacks. Build trending applications with multiple scales. Easily add multiple units support for any X or Y scale using right-click drop down menus.

Multiple Language Support

Supports multiple languages, with settable toolbar tooltips, and global number and date time formatting down to ms. However, does not support Unicode.

ActiveX Control

Works with Platforms that Fully Support Microsoft's ActiveX Technology