Sequence Shaft Loads - Fr, X2, Fa, Y2, rUL & mUL

Sequence Shaft Loads, Fr, X2, Fa,Y2, rUL & mUL, are available in the Move form only for the Rotary Mechanism when the Shaft Loads defined in Sequence (Fr, X2, Fa, Y2) and Unbalanced Load defined in Sequence (rUL, mUL) checkboxes in the Rotary Mechanism form are checked. When enabled, each load value is specified for each move segment - Accel, Constant Velocity, Decel and Dwell segments. Fr and Fa are radial and axial force loads that can be added for each segment. The X2 & Y2 offsets are used to calculate the tilting moment at the adjacent gearbox output. Similarly, the Unbalanced Load [UL] values, radius [rUL] and mass [mUL], can be added for each segment as an additional unbalanced load, adding an additional mass, inertia (mUL*rUL2) and radial force (Fr) due to gravity and centrifugal forces.

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