SERVOsoft is the ideal design tool to model and size a complete servo system. 

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SERVOsoft is a ‘Project’ based approach, allowing up to 50 axes in a shared bus or stand alone configuration, with regenerative or bleeder designs.  SERVOsoft precisely models multi-axis systems with any combination of supply and bleeders or regenerative units.  All calculations are based on industry standards and dynamics – the science of bodies in motion.  SERVOsoft currently supports 15 mechanical configurations, S-curved motion profiles, several bus configurations, and an extensive list of full-featured graphical charts.

With confidence, select the optimal drive, motor and gearbox combination for each axis in a multi-axis application.  Select a shared bus configuration, and then examine the pros and cons of adding additional bus capacitance, and bleeders with an uncontrolled floating bus, or providing a fully regenerative regulated bus solution.  SERVOsoft also provides powerful filtering and database management tools.  A thorough system analysis feature generates a list of all components operating beyond specified limits.  Furthermore, unlike any other sizing program currently available, SERVOsoft provides a completely open database to add/edit/delete infeed, capacitor and bleeder modules, as well as drives, motors, and gearboxes.

Among many of SERVOsoft's strengths is its graphics interface, clearly illustrating the system configuration, and providing power, energy and torque charts for detailed analysis of the complete servo system.  With its concise graphical interface, numerous charts, and extensive dynamic help, SERVOsoft is the ideal learning tool for the beginner.  Once a servo system is modeled and benchmarked with SERVOsoft, detailed studies and scenario analysis can be performed with ease, yielding exceptionally precise results.  In the hands of an experienced user, SERVOsoft is the complete design and modeling tool, allowing complex cost efficient decisions to be made quickly, and accurately…with confidence.


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