XY Chart ActiveX

XY Chart ActiveX Features

Feature list
Up to 10 Y scales and 10 X Scales in one chart
Linear and Log scales with full font support
Up to 8000 profiles in one chart
Up to 1,000,000 samples per profile
Trending more »
Y scale stacking more »
X & Y value for each data point more »
Built-in zoom, scrollbars and pan more »
Crosshairs and coordinates display more »
Boolean profiles and scales more »
Stair Mode profiles more »
Printing more »
Pass data point-by-point
Pass entire arrays directly for best performance with a lot of data
Read/edit/set any value in the data array
Auto & manual scale modes for all scales
Manually set each scale's major tick interval
Set toolbar tool tips for multiple languages
DateTime formatting down to ms more »
Units support for each scale more »
Grid for each scale
Pan individual scales when no scrollbars
Legend with scrolling when needed more »
Coordinates available programmatically
Null data points for breaks in a profile more »
Global number and date time formatting
Full documentation help and sample code more »
Save chart image to bitmap or metafile
Copy chart image to clipboard
Export chart data to tab delimited text file
Use your own toolbar more »
Extensive property pagesmore »
Flickerless display, even when resizing
Error log file for detailed debugging