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XY Chart NET Trial/Lite/Pro

This is a unified package containing the complete XY Chart NET product, which includes the Trial, Lite and Pro versions. The license is controlled by the license activation process. The Trial version does not require license activation. Just download and install and the Trial version is the default license. Several sample projects in C# and VB are also included.

There are only two differences between the Trial version and the Pro version.

  • The word 'Trial' is displayed in the middle of each plot area.
  • The control times out after 5 minutes such that the application must be restarted.
XY Chart NET Trial/Lite/Pro
Filename: XYChartNETSetupv3.0.13.zip
Version: v3.0.13
Date: Nov 21, 2012
Size: 4.5MB


XY Chart NET Demo

See XY Chart NET in over 50 different examples, with VB.NET source code.

XY Chart NET Demo
Filename: XYChartNETDemov3.0.1.zip
Version: v3.0.1
Size: 1.6MB


XY Chart NET Demo