XY Chart NET

XY Chart NET Features

Version Lite Pro
Max Y scales with left or right placement 2 100
Max X scales with top or bottom placement 2 100
Max Y scale stacks more » 2 100
Max profiles 1,000 250,000
Max samples per profile 5,000 1,000,000
Profile fill more »  
Bar charts, horizontal & vertical more »  
Financial charts (time series, candles, buy/sell, recession) more »  
Linear and Log scales with full font support
Trending more »
Inverted scales more »
X & Y value for each data point
Built-in zoom, scrollbars and pan more »
Crosshairs and coordinates display more »
Profile interpolation
Cardinal spline more »
Stair Mode more »
Boolean more »
Hatching more »
Chart gradient support with plot transparency option more »
Font and gradient support for all labels
Pass data point-by-point
Pass entire arrays directly for best performance with a lot of data
Inheritance to extend all chart classes
Auto & manual scale modes for all scales
Manually set each scale's major tick interval
DateTime formatting down to ms more »
Units support for each scale more »
Grid for each scale
Pan individual scales when no scrollbars
Legend with scrolling when needed
Coordinates available programmatically
Null data points for breaks in a profile more »
Full unicode support more »
Built-in Toolbar
Position toolbar at left, top, right or bottom of chart
Show or hide any toolbar button
Hide the toolbar and use your own custom toolbar more »
Set toolbar tooltips for multiple languages
Global number and date time formatting
Print Preview and Printing more »
Full documentation help and sample code more »
Save chart image to BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF
Copy chart image to clipboard
Export chart data to tab delimited text file
Flickerless display, even when resizing
Error log file for detailed debugging