Email Server Now Working

Mar 20, 2021

Our email server was not working at all yesterday, Fri Mar 19, and has been somewhat unreliable all week since Fri Mar 12th. For the most part, it seems to be working fine as of this afternoon.

SERVOsoft has grown so much since the Fall of 2014. The past 2 years we have been seeing on average 1500-2000 program downloads (~200MB each) and 1000 or so database updates (120MB each) every month. That’s a lot of “heavy” traffic. It keeps growing, and at times, our web server was a bit loaded.

For 4 years we have been using a top tier web server, but still it had limits. So, it was upgraded this past summer, and then we upgraded it again this past Friday March 12, to a brand new server. The new web server is powerful and fast, but the email migration did not go smoothly, and we had some challenges this week to get it sorted out. This triggered some spam servers to block our emails. This afternoon, everything is back up and running for the most part. We have informed several spam servers over the past few days, and all but one have adjusted their settings. We are still waiting on one more to adjust their settings.