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Manufacturer Users can upgrade to ADVANCED / PRO for 50% / 25% Off!

May 1, 2019

For a limited time, SERVOsoft Manufacturer users can upgrade to the ACT365 ADVANCED version for only $249.50 USD, which is 50% off the 1st year regular price of $499 USD.

Or for those power users with very demanding applications, SERVOsoft Manufacturer users can even upgrade to the ACT365 PRO version for only $749 USD, which is 25% off the 1st year regular price of $999 USD.

ADVANCED / PRO Renewals are $249.50 USD/yr or $499 USD/yr, 2nd year onwards.

Offer available until Dec 31, 2019, to all qualified manufacturer versions users that have had a manufacturer version license for at least 3 months.

Rest assured, you still keep your Manufacturer version license. After your new ADVANCED/PRO license is activated, when SERVOsoft starts, you will be prompted to choose the version you want to use. And you can set a default version to run automatically.

Click on the image to the right to view the full size image.

SERVOsoft Manufacturer versions include:

  • B&R
  • MOOG

To check if you qualify, Complete and Submit this Form.