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SERVOsoft® v4.3 Released with Master-Follower and so much more!

Mar 31, 2021

SERVOsoft v4.3 represents over 2 years of development, working closely with many vendors, customers, and partners from around the world. The program has been improved throughout, with some big new features and countless enhancements for all versions. In particular, the PRO version + Optimizer PRO option takes sizing to another level. It represents a vision conceived over 17 years ago to one day optimize an entire multi-axis machine. That day has arrived!


Added new feature, Master-Follower Mode, available in the PRO version, allows the definition of the motion sequence of each Follower axis with respect to its Master axis position.

  • Supports Constant and Variable Master Sequences for dynamic scenarios such as Max-Stop mode
  • Once all sequences are defined, ramp up or down the entire Power Group simply by changing the Master axis Sequence
  • The Master-Follower "coupling" is quite different to classical "Time" sequences where each axis is defined by its own time-based move sequence. In Master-Follower mode, only the Master axis has a time reference.
  • An interesting and perhaps unique feature is the ability to convert the Sequence Type to/from 'Time' and 'Master-Follower' modes, where even Follower S-Curved/Jerk profiles, Segments and Moves, are converted seamlessly. On the Main form, change the power group's 'Sequence Type' from 'Time' to 'Master-Follower' (or vice versa) and then the entire power group will be converted to a Master-Follower (or vice versa).

Optimizer PRO

The Optimizer PRO Option can now optimize an entire Power Group in Master-Follower mode

  • Supports both a Constant and Variable Sequence Master
  • Added new optimizer targets:
    • Supply Peak Power
    • Supply Cont Power (efficiency)
  • Added many new constraints:
    • Power Group Utilization, as well as constraints for each component including Transformation, Motor, Inverter, Infeed and Bleeder
    • With all the new constraints, users can easily "box in" each component
  • Added 'Suggested Parameters' button, which sets the Algorithm, Segment and Additional Constraints with suggested values based on the Optimize Type, helping users to quickly and easily find an optimal solution.

Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface is a new PRO version option that allows an external optimization tool to take control of SERVOsoft and utilize the Sequence Auto Update feature to optimize one or more axes. The external tool can be a profile generator, program, spreadsheet, or an optimizing tool that adjusts the Sequence with each iteration. This is a very powerful and perhaps niche feature. For those focused on machine optimization, it is a powerful tool to add to your toolchest. Please contact us for details.

Supply Peak Power Optimization

Supply Peak Power Optimization is a new feature PRO version feature for Shared Bus Power Groups. It is located on the Power and Energy Profiles form.

Supply Peak Power Optimization minimizes the Supply Peak Power in Shared Bus applications by finding the best balance of energy storage while optimizing two parameters - Infeed Peak Power Factor [Ppf] and Target Bus Voltage [Vt]. In the ideal case, the Supply Peak Power [Pmax] is reduced to a low constant power over the entire cycle as shown in the chart to the right.

This is a common solution in the servo press industry, using a lot of bus storage, combined with managing the infeed supply power to reduce and smooth the mains supply. To see this powerful feature in action, see the tutorial Supply Peak Power Optimization of a Servo Press.

Transformation Linear Actuators

The Linear Actuators feature adds support for 'Transformation Linear Actuators' and 'Motor Transformation Linear Actuators' where the transformation can be any transformation type including 'Gear' and 'Belt & Pulley'.

Now linear actuator vendors can include their full range of products. Previously, a transformation had to be created manually between the motor and actuator.


Split/Combine Combined Products

Added "Split/Combine" feature for Combined Products to split into separate products, and combine them into one product. Applies to:

  • Gear Motors
  • Gearbox-Pinions
  • Transformation Linear Actuators
  • Motor Pumps
  • Motor Linear Actuators
  • Drive Motors
  • Drive Gear Motors



Load Force/Torque Vector

Added Load Force/Torque, which is a vector independent of the direction of motion.

The Load Force/Torque vector is added for all mechanisms, where Force/Torque is for linear/rotary loads.

Unlike Thrust, which is a "friction" load that always acts opposite to the direction of motion, the Load Force/Torque is a vector that is independent of the direction of motion.

The PRO version goes a step further with the option to specify a Load Formula for the Force/Torque load.

With both Thrust and Force/Torque vector, modelling loads is extremely flexible.

Sequence Defined Shaft Loads

Added Sequence Shaft Loads in the Move form for the Rotary mechanism. The Shaft Loads include radial [Fr] and axial [Fa] load forces, as well as unbalanced load using radius [rUL] and mass [mUL], that can be defined for each motion segment. The forces are applied to the output shaft / flange / bearing of the gearbox connected to the Rotary mechanism.

The PRO version goes a step further with the option to specify a Load Formula for Fr, Fa, rUL and mUL, which provides another level of load modelling and sizing for gearbox bearing life.



Other New Enhancements

  • Transformations Database
    • Expanded Coupling database to Transformation database allowing for 'Gear' and 'Belt & Pulley' products stored in the database
    • Built with option for future transformation types including Shafts, Torque Limiters, Brakes, etc.
  • Education, Lite & Manufacturer Versions
  • For more details, see What's New in v4.3


The SERVOsoft® database continues to grow with frequent updates, and now contains over 150,000+ products! Click here for a summary of the current products in the database.

If you are a vendor and want to add your products to the SERVOsoft® database and/or are interested in the Manufacturer Promotion Version, please contact us.