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Harmonic Drive publishes product data for Planetary Gears, Strain Wave Gears, Servo Actuators and Integrated Drive Systems in SERVOsoft®

Mar. 23, 2023

SERVOsoft® is adding the gear and servo actuator specialist Harmonic Drive SE to its database of gear and actuator manufacturers. Harmonic Drive SE is located in Limburg/Germany and offers various motion solutions consisting of planetary gears, strain wave gears and servo actuators as well as integrated drive systems.

Planetary Gears

All types of available planetary gears can be found in the database of SERVOsoft®. The adaptation to nearly any motor type can be done by our design department. Planetary gearheads are available in two different performance classes, backlash <1 or <3 arcmin. The unique selling point of Harmonic Drive Planetary gears is the permanent precision, which is achieved by an elastically preloaded inner toothed ring gear. Input speeds from 6000 to 10000 rpm. Torque ranges are from 5 to 2,920 Nm. Depending on the reduction ratio, the planetary gears are single or double staged. Harmonic Drive SE has published 370+ planetary gears up to now.

Strain Wave Gears

Among the strain wave gears the user can choose component sets or gears with output bearing. They are characterized by their zero backlash performance over the complete service life. For most applications, there is a suitable gear with output bearing available. They are available with or without a hollow shaft, as well as for direct and easy motor connection. A wide range of gear sizes and reduction ratios can be selected when calculating with SERVOsoft. Harmonic Drive SE has published 740+ strain wave gears up to now.

Servo Actuators

Servo actuators from Harmonic Drive SE are also available for a design of a motion axis. Harmonic Drive® Servo Actuators consist of highly dynamic compact servo motors, precision gears and integral tilt resistant output bearings. All components are perfectly matching and provide a complete solution resulting in the highest positioning accuracy and maximum performance within the smallest dimensions. For applications where precision and high torque are required at relatively low or medium speeds Harmonic Drive® Actuators offer a perfect fit solution - Hollow shaft included. Harmonic Drive SE has published 480+ servo actuators up to now.

Integrated Drive Systems

Within a further step of motion evolution Harmonic Drive SE developed a new integrated drive system consisting of the servo actuator and motion controller in one product. This integrated drive system enables the user to reduce the complexity of his motion task and makes commissioning fast and easy. Furthermore the Dual Core Controller provides enough computing power to implement customer specific motion functions in the future.

You will find more information on the website of Harmonic Drive SE

SERVOsoft Database

Harmonic Drive SE has published 1,300+ products in the SERVOsoft database.

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