SERVOsoft® For Educators

The SERVOsoft Education Version

Is an ideal addition to courses in mechatronics, kinematics and motion control design. SERVOsoft, along with its extensive help file, serves as an excellent training and educational tool. SERVOsoft is also one of the leading tools used in the high performance motion industry, so you prepare your students for their future jobs.

SERVOsoft Education version is FREE for professors, teaching assistants, and students along with proof of enrollment in the current academic year.

We also offer a 50% (or more) academic discount off the Advanced and Pro versions.

SERVOsoft Education Program for Engineering Curriculum

Below are the details of the SERVOsoft Education Program. There is no cost for this program.

  1. The teacher/professor can have 2 licenses if you want – Education & Pro.
    1. The Education version ensures you create working samples that the students can follow and do themselves.
    2. The Pro version allows you to teach perhaps more advanced topics, as well as for your own general interest and use.
    3. If SERVOsoft is not used as part of the curriculum, we may only provide a 30-day or max 90-day PRO version to the teacher/professor for detailed evaluation with the intent of considering SERVOsoft as part of the curriculum.
    4. We don’t provide the Pro version to students for several reasons, including that it is very sophisticated, and to support novice users would be overwhelming and cost prohibitive.
    5. The licenses are valid for 1 year and can be renewed each year you are teaching.
  2. Each student can have their own Education license on their own laptop.
    1. This way, you can provide them assignments, and they can work through problems on their own using SERVOsoft.
    2. So all we ask is at least 2 weeks before the students start making license requests, please email a list of their names and school email addresses and when you expect the first license requests will start.
    3. That way, when the license requests come in, we know exactly what is going on and we can process them without delay.
    4. If this is not possible, then just a “heads up” email stating the approximate number of students and the email domain. Eg.
    5. It is important the license request comes from their student email address. When in doubt, we will ask you.
    6. The licenses are valid for 1 year.
  3. Here are the instructions you can provide your students to get their license
    1. Download and install the latest SERVOsoft version at
    2. Run the 'License Activation Wizard' by going to
      'Start > Programs > SERVOsoft > License Activation Wizard'
    3. Follow the wizard steps to make a new ACT EDUCATION license request and email it to the ControlEng License Activation Server.
    4. ControlEng will email back each new license within 24hrs.

The very first step in the process is for the insturctor to contact us providing basic details including the university course, along with the number of students and when they will be making license requests. Then usually within 1-2 business days you will get a reply with the go ahead along with the same/similar instructions listed above. For a smooth process, this initial email should be sent at least a few weeks before starting the course.