v3 Revision Log

SERVOsoft® v4 Revision Log

Jul 17, 2017Version 4.0.100

New Features:

  • Energy Storage Modules for KOCH Products more...
    • DES, DEV & DEK products
    • DSM & DLC (super capacitors) products
    • (Advanced, Pro and some Manufacturer versions)
  • Optimizer Pro:
    • Added 'Motor Peak Torque Margin' target, which optimizes to a target margin value
    • Added support for 'complex splines' with up to 3 different profile types in one spline
    • Added two new constraints - 'Start Accel = End Accel' and 'Start Jerk = End Jerk'
    • Added 'Curve Fitting' feature more...
      • Curve Fitting works within the drive, motor, gearbox, and/or mechanism rated curve(s)
      • And then generates the resulting motion profile at the load
  • Mechanisms
    • Two Servo Pumps driven by one Motor (Pro version) more...
    • Servo Pump (standard in Pro version, was an Option in v3)
    • Ball Screw Database (Lite, Advanced & Pro versions)
    • Cart Mechanism (Advanced & Pro versions) more...


  • Project Configuration
    • ADVANCED version increases from 5 to 9 axes
    • PRO version increases from 40 to 50 axes
    • Multiple Power Groups (Pro version)
    • Up to 3 Infeed Modules per Power Group
    • Up to 3 Bleeder Modules per Power Group
    • Up to 3 Capacitor Modules per Power Group
  • Sequence form:
    • Added option to display the motor current phasors, Iq & Id (Pro version)
    • Quick Import Sequence (Lite, Advanced & Pro versions)
  • Import Sequences:
    • Added support to import 'Time, Velocity and Accel' table data
    Move form:
    • Added "Accel Capped" feature, which calculates Start & End Jerk values to minimize the maximum acceleration for the Poly1-7 profile
  • Database forms:
    • Re-order columns, set grouped columns, and then save as the "Default View"
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Further improved the calculation performance up to 3.5x wrt v3.3
    • Further improved thrust and payload formula calculation performance to 1.6x faster wrt v3.3
    • Project files open 20% faster, and some large project files open as much as 5x faster wrt v3.3
    • Project files use compression algorithm resulting in 2-8x smaller file size
  • Utilization bars on all forms and print report
  • Language Options:
    • Enabled all language options French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish & Chinese in addition to the standard language options English & German (Education, Lite, Advanced & Pro versions)
  • When loading a project, if products are not found, now wait until the entire project is loaded, and then provide a list of all products that are not in the database.
    • Then users can select which products to be added to the database.
    • By default, all products are checked.
    • This is much more organized and more manageable, especially for large projects with 20-50 axes and perhaps 100 products that may not be in the local database.
  • Drive & Motor Performance Charts:
    • Show shading for the field weakening portion on motor torque chart, which very clearly shows when the motor is operating with field weakening
  • Overload Models
    • Pxt & Ixt
      • Added support for B&R Fast Slow Time Constant for Pxt and Ixt overload models
    • Motor I2t
      • Enahnced Motor I2t model for more accuracy at slower speeds (n< nN/2)
  • Product Zones
    • Added Product Zone support so each vendor can specify multiple product zones, with each zone having one or more countries. Previsouly this worked in v3 only for a specific manufacturer version. Now this new approach works for all versions.
  • Updated Print Report Logos with higher resolution images
  • Runs as 64-bit application on Windows 64-bit, allowing for better performance for large projects


  • Print Report:
    • When click the "View PDF" button, if the user tries to save and overwrite an existing file and that file is already in use, previously the Main form Error Flag would be set. Now the user gets an error message saying the file is already in use by another process.