Optimizer Pro

The Optimizer PRO is an option that can be ordered in addition to the SERVOsoft PRO version, which supports polynomials and splines that are required for the Optimizer PRO.

The Optimizer PRO works at both ends of the drive chain. Either at the load by playing with the motion profile to optimize for time, torque, energy efficiency, etc., or by Curve Fitting against the drive, motor, gearbox rated values, and then generating the resulting spline motion profile at the load.

Motion Profile for Target Function and Constraints

The Optimizer optimizes motion profiles for minimum duration, velocity, accel and jerk, as well as motor torque, force, and drive peak power and continuous power (energy efficiency). The Optimizer PRO is especially useful for complex dynamic loads and mechanisms such as the Slider Crank.

Click the 'Optimize - Torque' button below to see a Slider Crank optimized for minimal torque.

See the Optimizer Tutorial that shows how this optimization was achieved using the Optimizer PRO.

Curve Fitting

Use Curve Fitting to build an acceleration/deceleration ramp that is as fast as possible within rated limits that you specify. Curve Fitting creates a motion profile that "curve fits" to one or more rated curves. The result is an acceleration/deceleration ramp that is as fast as possible within your specified margins.

Click the 'Optimize - Curve Fitting' button below to see an accel ramp fitted with 10% margin under the Inverter Peak Current and Infeed Peak Power rated curves.

See the Curve Fitting Tutorial that shows how this Curve Fitted Accel ramp was achieved.