Compare v2/3/4

SERVOsoft® v4 adds many powerful new features including KOCH Energy Storage Modules, Ball Screw database, Two Servo Pumps, Variable Displacement Pumps, Quick Import Sequence, and Utilization bars throughout the entire program and print report. The Optimizer PRO has taken another big leap forward with Curve Fitting and Master-Follower. Almost every existing feature in v3 has been improved, from the ability to configure database views, new mechanisms, and up to 3.5x faster performance. Quite simply, v4 is better in every way!

Project Structure v2 Pro
v3 Pro
v4 Pro
Number of axes 20 40 50
Number of transformations 3 10 10
Number of gearboxes in drive train 1 10 10
Infeed Modules per Power Group 1 1 3
Bleeder Modules per Power Group 1 1 3
Capacitor Modules per Power Group 1 1 3
Multiple Components in Parallel    
Multiple Power Groups    
Backup Power Mode    
Kinetic Buffer    
Project View Only Mode    
Start-up and Help
QuickCalc Numeric Input Calculator  
Utilization bars on Main form  
Utilization bars on all forms and print report    
Language options FR, IT, ES, TR, ZH & JA
in addition to standard EN & DE
Electrical Components
Infeed types:
  Infeed / Chopper
  Infeed / ExtBleeder
  Infeed / IntExtBleeder
Drive types:
  Triple Axis Inverter
  Infeed / Dual Inverter
  Infeed / Dual Inverter / IntExtBleeder
  Infeed / Dual Inverter / Bleeder
  Infeed / Triple Inverter
  Infeed / Triple Inverter / Bleeder
Bleeder Bxt overload model    
Energy Storage Modules    
Auxiliary Power Modules    
Mechanical Components
Rack & Pinions database  
Gearbox Pinions database  
Linear Actuators  
Motor Linear Actuators  
Drive Motor Linear Actuators  
Drive Motors  
Drive Gear Motors  
Brushless DC (BLDC) motors
Servo Pump   Option
Two Servo Pumps driven by one motor    
Variable Displacement Pumps    
Ball Screws database    
Cart mechanism    
Position Based Load    
Sequence and Motion Profiles
Number of profiles in Sequence chart 4 6 6
Inertia steps for Moves
Inertia formula  
Multi-select Copy and Paste  
Undo/Redo Sequence changes  
Import traces in Sequence chart
and store in project file
Any profile on the X Scale
Eg. Slider Crank angle on the X Scale
with Linear Position on the Y Scale
Export and import of Moves as well as Segments  
Chart data export with sample period for X values  
Shorter sequences repeat  
Polynomial 1-3, 1-5, and 1-7 profiles  
Load Force / Torque vector    
Load Formula for Force/Torque vector    
Shaft Loads Formula for Fr, X2, Fa, Y2, rUL & mUL    
Display motor current phasors (Iq & Id) in sequence chart    
Import sequence as 'Time, Velocity and Accel'    
Quick Import Sequence to quickly reload a changed source file    
Sequence dynamic mechanisms with chart crosshairs    
Motor brake On/Off defined in Sequence    
Analysis Tools & Optimization
BOM Price Lookup Table  
Motor Efficiency Analysis vs Speed  
Extended Energy Cost Model
  Cost breakdown for each component
  Charting and project vs project analysis
Disable Power Calculations for any Axis/Slot    
Radial Load Force at gearbox output shaft
for Slider Crank mechanism
Motor Performance chart with option to display in
2 Qaudrants - Motoring & Generating
Supply Peak Power Optimization    
Optimizer Lite  
Optimizer PRO with
Curve Fitting and
Optimize Master-Follower and
Sequence Auto Update
  Option Option
Command Line Interface and
Sequence Auto Update
Allow users to save their own filters,
and select from a filters list
Re-order columns, set grouped columns,
and save as "Default View"
Up to 3 motor brakes for 1 motor record    
Generate Reports in Word, HTML    
Generate Reports in PDF, BMP, JPEG, EMF
Project Notes with multiple pages
Project Notes with fonts, formatting, paste images, etc.
Detailed gearbox shaft loads page
Print Configuration settings saved in project file  
Utilization bars in report  
Command Line Print to File