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SERVOsoft® v4.4.208 adds ACT NW Licensing, big improvements in Supply Peak Power Optimization, Cart Mechanism, Dual Rack & Conveyor Mechanism and System Check!

Oct 31, 2022

See highlights of the v4.4 release on May 1, 2022. For all release details, see the Revision Log.

ACT NW License Server

Now support ACT NW licenses in addition to DGL NW licenses.

ACT NW licenses make Network License Servers (NWLS) easier to configure as Virtual Machines since there is no need to connect to a physical dongle plugged into a USB port.

The ACT license mechanism is bound to the h/w & s/w signature of the machine, and expires at the License Ends date.

List Users adds option to enable/disable ACT NW and DGL NW license searches. When not needed, disabling the search for a license server can decrease the program launch time.

If CTRL key is pressed when program is launched, now a popup of search NW server times appears for ACT NW and DGL NW license servers.


Supply Peak Power Optimization

Supply Peak Power Optimization allows for the optimizing of the Mains Supply Peak Power working with large capacitor banks and/or Energy Storage Modules (ESMs) on the DC Bus.

This update uses absolute power values for Supply and Regen to limit the Supply and Regen power flow.

Added new solution type "Lowest Pmax with No Regen".

And now there is a Target Bus Voltage range [Vt0 - Vt1], where previously there was only Vt0.

Supply Peak Power Optimization is a PRO version feature for Shared Bus Power Groups. It is located on the Power and Energy Profiles form.

Supply Peak Power Optimization minimizes the Supply Peak Power in Shared Bus applications by finding the best balance of energy storage, bus voltage range values [Vt0 - Vt1], and supply [Pps] and regen [Ppr] power limits.

In the ideal case, the Supply Peak Power is reduced to a low constant power over the entire cycle.

This is a common solution in the servo press industry, using a lot of bus storage, combined with managing the infeed supply power to reduce and smooth the mains supply. To see this powerful feature in action, see the tutorial Supply Peak Power Optimization of a Servo Press.


Cart Mechanism

The Cart Mechanism adds a new concept "Spring Normal Force" or suspension for the driven wheels. When using the Spring Normal Force, the Applied Traction Force is not used.

Added the option to include the Applied Traction Force in the Radial Force calculations [Fr] for gearbox output bearing sizing

Moved Lever Arm and other friction inputs under the "Traction" tab.

The Cart Mechanism help page has been update extensively, adding several diagrams and formulae.

The Gravity force for the Radial Force calculation now uses the Percentage Weight Over Driven Wheels instead of equally distributing the weight across all wheels.


Dual Rack & Conveyor Mechanism

Updated images on Main and Mechanism forms, Print Report and Help page.

Re-organized formulae on Help page so easier to understand.

Calculation results remain unchanged.






System Check

System Check adds new "Help" column, where the help icon indicates the associated help topic is available by clicking on the help icon.

Topics included so far:

  • Cycle Time
  • Field Weakening for PMSMs
  • Supply Peak Power Optimization
  • Kinetic Buffer
  • Auxiliary Power Module
  • Infeed Pxt
  • Inverter Ixt
  • Bleeder Bxt
  • Motor I2t

This list will be expanded in future releases.




Other New Enhancements

  • Import Sequence form:
    • Added to buttons to the left of the source file path and filename. When a source file has been specified, the "Clear" and "Open File" buttons are enabled to either reset the source file or open the source file directly.
    • When opening the Import Sequence form with an existing previous source file, now prompt the user if want to open the file instead of automatically opening the file.
  • Power vs Time Chart:
    • Added DC Bus Power Profile, and moved the Bus Energy Y Scale to the right side of the chart
    Database forms:
    • Now "Power vs Time" button is visible to open the Power vs Time chart when selecting Infeed, Capacitor and Bleeder modules
  • Motor Database form:
    • VBus filter list
      • Now display voltages up 320Vdc when Supply < 300Vac, and voltages above 330Vdc when Supply >= 300Vac
      • Added 310V and 620V to Vbus filter drop down list
  • Translations:
    • Updated French phrases used in Peak Power Optimization and Master Follower features
  • System Requirements:
    • Added Windows 11 support
    • Increased to 8GB RAM minimum and 16GB RAM recommended
  • For more details, see the Help: What's New in v4.4


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