SERVOsoft® Tutorials

Bellow are series of how to videos covering Fundamentals, Pro Features and Optimization topics

1. Build Your First SERVOsoft Project


Build an axis step by step from scratch. Learn how to create a sequence, define a mechanism, select a gearbox, motor and drive. Learn how to use database filters in making your selection. Then examine the energy cost with a scenario analysis using a capacitor module.

Duration: 13 min


SERVOsoft Tutorial: はじめてのSERVOsoftプロジェクトの構築 (

Duration: 13 min

2. Cycle Time


Cycle Time is a very important concept in SERVOsoft as it affects many aspects in sizing servo systems. Topics include how Cycle Time is calculated; what happens when an Axis Sequence <> Cycle Time; and how Cycle Time affects Motor RMS torque.

Duration: 8 min

3. Ratio Analysis


Demonstrates SERVOsoft's Ratio Analysis Tool, where a system is optimized for inverter peak power by analyzing the effects of different gear ratios.

Duration: 6 min

4. Complex Dynamic Loads

Create complex sequences and dynamic loads by importing data from a spreadsheet or text file. Then elegantly model the same load using the Thrust Formula feature, where the thrust load is programmed as a function of velocity.

Note: Load Formula feature availabe in the PRO version

Duration: 6 min

5. Import Trace


Import actual motor and current trace profiles directly into the sequence form, and overlay them on the calculated profiles. See why the Import Trace feature is the ultimate benchmarking and validation tool for sizing servo systems.

Duration: 10 min

1. Slider Crank


Creates a Slider Crank mechanism for a Punch Press application, and covers all the important features in implementing a Slider Crank mechanism.

Note: Slider Crank feature availabe in the PRO version

Duration: 9 min

2. Servo Pump


Define a simple Pressure & Flow Sequence then size a Servo Pump, Motor & Drive. Then import a complex dynamic Pressure & Flow Sequence, size a Two Pump Configuration, then size a Variable Displacement Pump. See how the program models the detailed Pressure & Flow Sequence from the pump through the drive train to the power plug!

Note: Servo Pump feature available in the PRO version

Duration: 9 min

3. Supply Peak Power Optimization of a Servo Press


Minimize the Supply Peak Power by finding the best balance of infeed power and energy storage by adjusting two parameters - Infeed Peak Power Factor [Ppf] and Target Bus Voltage [Vt]. Watch to see how a 56 kW supply peak power application is minimized and smoothed to 5.4 kW constant power.

Note: Supply Peak Power Optimization and Slider Crank features availabe in the PRO version

Duration: 7 min

4. Kinetic Buffer


How to use a Kinetic Buffer during a loss of Mains Supply in Backup Power mode to bring the system to a controlled stop.

Note: Kinetic Buffer feature availabe in the PRO version

Duration: 15 min

1. Webinar: What's New in SERVOsoft v4.3


Topics include Supply Peak Optimization, Master-Follower, Optimization of an entire multi-axis Power Group, Curve Fitting, Command Line Interface.

The optimization of an entire multi-axis power group is a game changer. No other tool can do what SERVOsoft is doing here!

Note: Hover the mouse over the video and bookmarks appear allowing you to jump to any topic.

Duration: 60 min

2. Optimizer Minimizes Motor Torque for Slider Crank


Starts with detailed explanation of the Optimizer fundamentals, and then uses the Optimizer to reduce the motor torque by 65% for a Slider Crank application.

Note: Optimizer PRO is an option that must be ordered separately.
Slider Crank feature availabe in the PRO version

Duration: 10 min

3. Curve Fitting


See how Curve Fitting finds the optimal ramp, no matter the load. No guessing. No more "it's good enough". Now, with a click and within seconds, you get the optimal profile!

Note: Curve Fitting is part of the Optimizer PRO option that must be ordered separately.

Duration: 10 min