SERVOsoft® ACT Renewals

SERVOsoft ACT licenses end after 1 year. So renewals allow you to keep using SERVOsoft. Renewals purchased on or before your renewal date are offered at 50% discount to the regular price, allowing you access to program and database updates (both major and minor) and technical support.

Major Benefits

Program and Database Updates

Your copy of SERVOsoft will always be up to date, so you can benefit from all the available enhancements that are released during the period your maintenance plan is valid.

A valid license gives you access to all program and database updates, major and minor. There is no extra fee to upgrade to the latest SERVOsoft version.

Technical Support

Includes email support, up to 5 support cases per license provided from our Support Team.

Renewing Your License

See the Order ACT Renewals page to renew your license. Your renewal date remains the same and your 1 or 2 year renewal adds to your renewal date.